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First Contact is a roleplaying game that allows you to live intense adventures in a near future where humanity is visited by a hostile alien race. It begins with a huge government conspiracy to hide the possible collision of an asteroid with the Earth. This asteroid turns out to be a ship from a very advanced species called the Chandra, who secretly have very dark intentions towards humanity. Soon the Earth will become a battlefield where the future of humanity will be decided.

This game will allow you to get inside the skin of a member of X-Corps, the men and women who are part of Global Defence, the organisation set up to fight the Chandra threat, or live through dangerous adventures as a normal everyday person in a crumbling world.

This book is divided into three parts with increasing levels of restricted information. The third of these parts, “Restricted Area”, contains all the information about the truth of the aliens, their possible intentions and characteristics. You should not read it unless you intend to be the Game Director, because you’ll spoil plenty of the surprises you’ll discover during the game.

Types of Stories


Although we devote most of the book to detailing the Global Defence organisation and its struggle against the aliens, your games need not be limited to that! You can play many kinds of different stories in any of the areas of the setting.

From fighting the global conspiracy to hide the discovery of the asteroid, to games of political struggle for resources, government espionage, civilians resisting an alien occupation or having to survive the chaos caused by the arrival of the Chandra.


Contemporary action
Adventure / Horror
Espionage / Military

Game system

Open D6 System