Save the Empire from the ghosts of the past!


Devastated a long time ago by the Tenbatsu – the divine wrath – Hi-no-moto rebuilt itself over the ruins of Japan. Ruthless samurais, wandering techs looking for relics of the ancient world, blind priestesses, mad exorcists, and messengers travel across the wastelands, protecting the archipelago and the neo-shogunate from fearsome onis and mutants, but also from many other threats that lurk in the derelict remains from the past.

This spring, AKA Games will launch its new Kickstarter campaign for the English translation of Shayô, a tabletop roleplaying game set in a post-apocalyptic Japan that reverted back to a stripped-down form of feudal social structure.

The design team behind this new popular game in France has already brought to you Qin: the Warring States, Yggdrasill, Kuro, and Keltia.

In Shayô, you will be able to play samurais, shinobis, mechanics, but also priests and magicians controlling formidable powers. Create fierce characters willing to give their life to protect their village, their daimyo, and their country. Develop your community, and try to protect it by living epic adventures in a very dangerous world full of lethal surprises.

Stay tuned for more information while we’re closing in to our launch date (spring 2016).


• Fantasy / Post-apocalyptic
• Japan
• Action / Investigation / Horror / Intrigues

Game system

• D10
• Attributes and Skills