About  A.K.A Games


A.K.A Games is a London, UK based company, dedicated to creating and translating roleplaying and boardgames  for US and UK gamers.


A.K.A Games was founded by the creative team behind Yggdrasill and Z-Corps RPG, already rewarded in 2007 by two ENnie awards for Qin.


Most of our games are now translated in English and Spanish language.

Our future


A.KA. Games can already offer a whole catalogue of products to come, from astounding RPGs to tabletop and board games, translated from French and Spanish.


Projects include some boardgames exclusively designed in English as well.

Our publications

A.K.A’s publishing team has been working for more than ten years, focusing on translations (both in English and in French) for famous publishers such as Pelgrane press, Eden studios, Atlas games, Crafty games, or Cubicle 7.

We translated Unknown armies, Fantasy Craft, Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black agents or 13th Age, for instance, and we absolutely enjoyed working with US and UK companies. However, our main achievement has always been the creation of our own RPGs, often based on a highly documented historical and cultural background, like “Qin, the Warring states” or Yggdrasill and Keltia, or even our futuristic game Kuro, relying on the last technical discoveries in biotechnology as well as a strong Japanese cultural background.

We always hire great illustrators and layout artists, not to hide a hollow product behind a beautiful image, but to enhance the printed book and stimulate imagination. We enjoy this part of our work tremendously. Seeing what we had in mind, all those gorgeous and lively images suddenly brought to life by talented illustrators, is a great reward in itself.

Our game lines are always “closed” game lines. This means that, when you buy the core rulebook, you already know how many sourcebooks and scenarios you will have to get, to cover it all. Usually, you won’t have more than five or six sourcebooks including a full fledged campaign and many scenarios, which is enough to play for years. No spinning out, no useless sourcebook, and the production of a whole game line in two years maximum.

In France, London 1888, our high quality and beautiful boardgame, already had two editions, an expansion and three printings.