A game by Damien Maric
Artwork by Stephan Kot

In 1989, after watching a television production by David Wickes starring Michael Caine, I started reading everything I could lay my hands on about the Whitechapel murderer. Like a detective, I picked up the trail, examined every clue and every lead… It was captivating. I wanted you to share my passion for this investigation, let you take part in it. Creating this game gave me the perfect opportunity to do so.
Discovering the identity of Jack the Ripper is a challenge that has attracted me for many years. The number of suspects is incredible, and even included famous writer Lewis Carroll. However, more than a century later, no one has been able to find a definitive solution to the mystery. Except you, maybe…

Damien Maric – September 2005

The Case

Two horrific murders were committed in London at the end of 1888. The victims were Emma Smith and Martha Tabram. That autumn, for three months, Whitechapel, in East London, was terrorized by a serial killer who came to be known as Jack the Ripper.

After committing five more murders, he suddenly stopped. Scotland Yard never solved the case and, to this day, the identity of the killer remains a mystery.

The players will personify some of the main characters of this horrific drama: they will be investigators, suspects, or both. One of them will secretly be Jack the Ripper and will have to escape, alone or with some help before being revealed and arrested.

This is the second revised edition, which includes more cards, more characters, more options and revised rules.

London 1888, the boardgame, does not always rely on the same strategy in order to win. Roleplaying and bluffing is a very important part of the game. Every session is different and exciting.